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Dalma Healing was created in 2020 after I went through some life events that made me spiritually awakened.

Dharma means Life Purpose in Sanskrit.

Alma means Soul/Spirit in Spanish. 

I have strong connection with India and South America this life time so I combined those two.

Those concepts imply my work and intention behind.

My intention is healing on personal and collective level so we can co-create better world together.

To do so, we all need to focus on ourselves (especially internally) for healing and the process of becoming better version of self everyday with responsibility.


We become more aware of purpose, direction and passion when we live in harmony with own true nature (and along with Mother Nature). From there, we can start sharing our uniqueness and gifts to others. When we truly understand what to share with the world, we can listen to guidance from within and it gives us clarity. To do so, we need to let go of old conditionings, programming and limiting belief and heal our wounds within that control us in subconscious level.

I am here to guide and support your healing journey, to give you more awareness and connection with your true self by shedding layers and unlocking the system of human experience.

With my heart and vision to make positive changes in the world; More healing, love, unity, positive creation, joy, peace, compassion, clarity, inspiration, fun and all goodness in the Universe that we deserve to experience..! 

I am here to welcome you to get on new journey with Self-Care Practices based on Ayurvedic Principles and my own human experience.



Born in Tokyo, Japan. Moved to Australia in 2016.

Finished Uni and studied Yoga before coming to Australia.

Bac. Intercultural Communication(Hosei University, Tokyo, 2016).

Yoga Teacher(RYT200, Yoga For Life, Tokyo, 2016)

Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (Ayurveda Collage, Byron Bay)

Currently studying under Advanced Diploma

Massage Therapist/Body Worker (Over 4 years of experience)

Intuitive Healer, Sound Healer

Spiritual Guide

Dancer, Music Artist


Sustainability, Eco, Ethical Living, Animals, Animal rights, Nature, Music, Dance,

Philosophies, Ancient Wisdoms, Mythology, Astrology, Spirituality, Latest Science etc. 

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