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Offering Various Service

Everyone has different journey.

Everyone has different needs and timing.

Like Ayurvedic principles, I offer tailored service to each individual.

Please feel free to connect with me anytime for inquiries.

Ayurvedic Life Style Consultation

Initial Consultation

90mins $150 (Online) $180 (In-home)

Follow Ups

60mins $90 (Online) $120 (In-home)

Classical Ayurveda teaches us how to live in daily life according to our unique constitution and imbalances as well as season etc.

It includes not only what we eat but also how we eat, state of mind, living and work environment, what we consume through

5 senses, relationships and so much more!

This is why there is no magic pill in Ayurveda.

You will have tailored protocols for your diet, life style including Yoga and medicine/herbs if necessary.

*In-Home care service includes Eyes, Tongue, Nails and Pulse diagnosis etc. 


Body Work & Healing

<4 Hands Massage (2 Therapists) & Healing>

Coming soon..

I corporate with my partner Dimitrious who has been a professional massage therapist for over 5 years.

We offer Yin and Yang infused intuitive style therapy according to your needs. 

<Intuitive Healing>

$150 90mins (Home-Care)

-60mins Massage

-30mins Consultation and Sound Healing 

120mins $200 (In-Home Care)


-90mins Massage

-30mins Consultation and Sound Healing

As we are multidimensional beings, addressing only physical body is not answer for true healing.

I hold space for you to allow true healing process happens with trust on my hands, heart and spirit. 

I work with different techniques such as Ayurvedic Massage, Shiatsu, Aroma Therapy, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage.

Your massage oil is organic and tailored to you according to Ayurvedic principle and your specific condition.


Get in touch for Free Initial Consultation today!

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