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Why Ayurveda

Everything starts from within.

It guides us to take responsibility on our health and how to look after our body, mind, sense organs and soul along with Mother Earth.

Welcome and thank you for reaching out here! 

I'm so glad that you found me. And you'll be glad soon that our path come across.  

 I'm passionate for Ayurveda and my programs are based on Ayurvedic principles and knowledge as well as my own life experience and healing/spiritual wisdom.

 I believe Ayurveda plays significant role for us humanity to get balance back with Mother Nature and our True Nature.

It is the most ancient health care system/medicine and Mother of all other Medicines. (Chinese, Greek and Tibetan etc.)

 The wisdom was downloaded by spiritual masters/rishis and passed on to generations to generations until now. You don't necessarily need to believe in Spirituality as we all are on different journey and we hold different truth according to individual experiences but the most important part is that this wisdom is still existed even after challeniging time period when the British came over to India and burned/banned many sacred books and introduced Western Medicine.

 Ayurveda is Universal knowledge which includes spirituality as we are souls having human experience. Ayurveda addresses all 4 aspects of us; Body, Mind, Sense Organs(Emotion) and Soul. It teaches us to experience fullest life potencial through connection with our Atma; soul.

 We live in an epic time where people are becoming more aware of energy, viberation and frequency. Latest sciences such as Epigenetics and Quamtum Physics actually explain this ancient wisdom well. We can also access to many different healing modalities and alternative options over Western Medicine. People are becoming more open to them because they experience limits of Western Medicine. Doctors prescribe drugs with side effects just to cover specific symptoms or just suggest surgery to get rid of disfunctional organs.  There is no deep healing there. 

 Don't get me wrong, I respect all the technology, advanced reserch and drugs/surgery/treatment for accute/serious cases in Western Medicine and we can get tremendous benefit from them. But also we need to be aware of its nature that covers symptoms and hardly address on root cause of illness as well as side effects of drugs and what is happening behind big pharma business.

 Indeed, we all are own healer. Our body has perfect intelligence for us to heal but in most of case, what we do is not supportive to our body, mind and soul.

 We call it Mistake of Intellect in Ayurveda, and Wrong use/No use/Excess use of Sense Organs, Intellectual Blasphomy and Seasonal Vagory are included as main reasons for us to manifest disease.

 Did you know that in Ayurveda, we can catch sublte symptoms before disease manifests(diagnosed by a doctor) and reverse the condition. There are actually 4 stages before Manifestation stage, which means we have explanation for subtle symptoms which doctors cannot explain in Western Medicine.

 We use 5 Elements principle to understand human body, system and mind. They are called Pancha Mahabhoutas(5 Great Elements) and they exist in our body and outside(environment). Seasonal changes are due to elemental transitions throughout a year.

 We live in materialistic world which has been leading some distortion of its knowledge to make money out of "trendy" health food, supplements and cleanse etc. (Of course not all of them are bad ones). On the other hand, Classical Ayurveda suggests something more simple but makes sense.

 For example, when we take 'healthy food'. But if our digestive system is sluggish and full of toxin already, the nutrients don't get absobed properly and keep feeding the toxin in the body. We call this toxin 'Ama' and this is main cause of our illness. Ama is referred as Free Radicals(causes Cancer), Choresterol, Uric Acid etc. in Western Medicine. Ama prohibits assimilation of Ayurvedic medicine but also if we have low digestive fire(Agni), medicine won't be broken down to work on our body. That is why Ayurveda recommends clenses even for healthy person(This is like a car service, you go for a service as a maintainance). It is actually the Earthiest healing wisdom addressing not only cleanse but also how we live without making and accumulating Ama in the body system and in our mind. 


 When it comes to cooking, people often get confused that Ayurvedic food is Indian food. Yes, its origin is India but the knowledge itself is Universal knowledge. So you don't need to cook Inidian curry or whatever you think of Indian food with spices all the time. We just need to follow the principle and rules. It also teaches us about energetics of food as well as Prana and energy of the person who cooks.

Those information is just a tip of iceburg! 

I offer group workshops and online course(coming soon!) with Ayurveda so you can start your new journey with knowledge and Self-Care Practice. If you are ready to assimilate new knowledge and participate in life with it, you are on right place! Often times you need to give up on something(your habits etc.) but in return, you'll welcome something better for you that helps you to be aligned with your True Nature and purpose here on Earth.

 Your journey is all about you! You are the main character of your book called life. Everything starts from within.

(My big lesson indeed..!)

 Let's embrace all parts of ourselves and take off layers that have covered us through society, culture, our 3D limitations...

Let your new chapter begin.

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