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Workshops & Group Session

I offer various workshops regarding to Ayurveda, Self-Care and other health and wellness topics.

Available for a group from 6 people.

If you are a retreat organizer, please get in touch for an arrangement.

Ayurvedic Self-Care Practice Workshop

Dinacharya (Daily Self-Care) 

-Self Abhyanga (oil massage)

-Soft Cleanses

-How to spend a day and night according to Ayurvedic principle aligned with mother nature

Ritucharya (Seasonal Self-Care) 

-Energetic of each season

-How to spend each season

-To do and not to do etc.

-Seasonal Yoga practice

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Cooking is an act of creativity but also nurturing yourself and your loved ones.

You can learn Ayurvedic principle to apply to your daily cooking.

Hands-on experience with freshly prepared meal and chai tea on the day.

Self-Care for Women

I teach not only Ayurvedic Beauty Care but also how to nourish whole being of ourselves as females and reconnect with our body. 

Self-love and Self-nurturing are key for overall health and I also empower women to bring inner warrior to embody Goddess within!

Self-Care for Couple

For deepening connection..

You will learn how to massage on each other and how to connect deeper to your partner through clear communication and senses.

Self-Care for

Mother and child

Bring your loved one and hold special space for both of you to nurture each other and deepening trust and connection.

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