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Applying Essential Oil

Daily Self-Care (Dinacharya)


Learn Ayurvedic self-care practices on daily basis according to Doshas

(5 elements) and Circadian rythms.

You'll understand what to do and not to do at certain times of the day and night and why so.

Living with nature gives us balance in body and mind which is necessary for our health and wellness!

Hands-on practice of self massage (Abhyanga), 500ml organic oil and tongue scraper are included.


Come with a bath towel and outfit that is okay with oil. Loose pants or shorts are recommended for legs and tanktop is recommended for women. (Wear them under tops etc.)


Self Discovery with Doshas


Let's find out your Prakruti (body and mind type) as well as your current mind state. We are all born with innate energy ratio(Doshas) and our job is to maintain it with awareness of tendency and sign for imbalances.

You'll learn how to identify imbalance and how to get back to your true nature. Understanding your imbalance and how to address it is first step to become your own healer.

This class also gives us understanding and acceptance for yourself and others for optimum relationships.


Bring your pen and note.

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Ayurvedic Cooking


Food, water and Prana are the most essential components for us to sustain our life. Ayurveda is the Earthiest healing wisdom and one of main focus is diet and digestion. 

You'll learn principles for diet and cooking, basic spices, tastes, enegetics/quality of food etc.

Soft cleanse meal is included for lunch and freshly made Chai tea for refreshment.(Both Vegetarion)

You'll also enjoy beautiful garden at the venue for half-day get away retreat.


Let us know if you have any food allegy.

It is not suitable for strict Vegan. (Milk and Ghee)

We could offer plant based milk at request.

Beautiful Women

Self-Care for Women


You'll learn how to work with your cycles as well as Moon cycle, hormones, Me-Time Rituals and much more. Let's cultivate sense of self-love and self-compassion.

Feel free to bring your sisters!

Organic beauty face mask is a bonus to close the day. 


Please come without much make up.

At the end of class, we will go through self facial treatment with organic ingredients.

Medium size bowl is essential for steaming. Bring your own bowl and large towel.

Please advise any allegy in advance.

Couple on the Beach

Self-Care for Couple


Deepen your relatinship to yourself and your partner. You'll learn energy of feminine and masculine, inner child healing and much more.

We will finish with hands-on Couple massage(to each other).

The price is per couple and organic oil is included.


Come with comfortable outfit which is ok with oil.

Women are recommended to wear tanktop etc. under clothes for neck and shoulder massage.

Mother and Daughter Love

Self-Care with Child(ren)


Come with your loved one(s) to learn Ayurvedic principle of diet and life style as well as family massage for deeper connection to each other.

Touch is the oldest form of healing.

The price is per family unit.


The maximam number is 3ppl per unit. Parent and 1 or 2 children, or parents and 1 child. (Age 5-12)

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