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​Ayurvedic Therapies&Cleanses



Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Nurturing, Relaxing, Rejuvenating & Detoxifying.

Using different organic oils for your specific condition.

Working on malma points.



Facial massage and steaming prior to dropping oil into each nostril.

Works on mind quickly.

It cleanses the channel and gives you calmness, focus, mental clarity etc.

Facial Ubtan



Facial Massage with steaming and organic facial mask tailored to individual with different herbs etc.

Herbal mask is made fresh with all organic ingredients.

Includes hands or foot massage.

Kati Basti &Uro Basti


Basti is oil pouring therapy.

Kati Basti aims at Lower Back for any pain in lower body, sciatica etc.

Uro Basti aims at chest to alleviate pain in chest and it reliefs from grief, sadness and stress..

Shiro Abhyanga


Ayurvedic Head Massage

with various techniques and oil for ultimate relaxation.

Working on Malma points.



Yogic Cleanse

Warm saline water through your nostrils to cleanse the channel of prana.

Getting rid of mucus and one of the most powerful daily cleanses you can do!


*The price includes neti pot 

*Minimum 60mins of treatment for mobile service

**Contra Indication for women who is on first 3 days of menstruation with Abhyanga


Treat yourself. You will be nourished and revitalized from head to toe!

Beauty Deluxe


60mins Abhyanga

30mins Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)

60mins Facial Ubtan with hands & feet massage

(Comes with samples of your tailored organic facial mask)

*Complementary Sound Healing and Energy Healing*

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